PIHFF: Fighting To Be Free /USA/
Dokumentumfilm, rövidfilm, történelmi

Fighting To Be Free

Rendező Cheryl Halpern
Premier 2020. november 14.
Korhatár Nincs besorolás.
Időtartam 28 perc

Az I. Pápai Nemzetközi Történelmi Filmfesztivál keretén belül bemutatott alkotás.

Eredeti nyelvű, angol feliratos film


A film feldolgozza a fiatal női szabadságharcosok hősies történeteit Etiópiában a XX. század elején.


The film presented within the I. Pápa International Historical Film Festival.

Original speaking, English subtitled film


“Fighting To Be Free” celebrates the young freedom fighting heroines of Ethiopia during the latter part of the 20th century. These young women challenged all cultural norms when they left their homes and families to join the struggle to bring freedom, peace and democracy to their country. They came from diverse backgrounds; literate and illiterate, urban and rural and created a supportive sisterhood that challenged existing cultural myths and prejudices. “Fighting To Be Free” celebrates the courage, commitment and leadership of these heroines whose
achievements continue to inspire.
As the Producer and Director, Cheryl Halpern explains, “These heroic women are role models for all women who are facing oppression. They stood up against tyranny and risked everything to be free. That the Ethiopian Constitution guarantees gender equality is a direct credit to the efforts of these women. Through their personal commitment and perseverance they proved that anything is indeed possible!”


A film még nem található meg a műsoron.

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MNB engedély száma: H-EN-I-1064/2013.